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Thank you to these ACTC members for volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors! The ACTC Board Members serve at their own expense to provide quality programming and networking opportunities for tree professionals. 

Please submit your vote for the slate of current board candidates by September 14 at 7:30am by replying to the voting email.


Each applicant was asked two questions:

What is your experience related to the mission and vision of ACTC? And, what will you do to assist the ACTC in its efforts?  The candidate's names and responses are included below: 

Christina Cloer with Mick’s Tree Service in Coconino County

I have worked 18 years in the utility industry as a climber and mid management role being on several committees such as; Union Steward for 8 years, Forestry State Committee, Continuous Improvement Committee, Dock Safety Committee, assisting with management of large scale projects, receiving 2 living the vision awards and being part of a team selected as one of the top 21 innovators of the year in 2021 for Transmission and Distribution Fortnightly for mobile data application and data management. I may be an asset with mobile advancements and data management.

I have also been part of the WIA (Women in Arboriculture) for 5 years as advanced climbing instructor and Assisting in administration with 5/10 year plan, processes and procedures, duty responsibilities and forming the WIA(Women in Arboriculture) under the WCISA. I would like to build a similar group in the ACTC.

A main priority would be getting more women into the industry in Arizona, I would like to create a group similar to the WIA for the ACTC where women come to learn from women, create workshops and build a network promoting women in the industry.  I’d also like to look and see where/if there is a place for my natural ability to find gaps, build data management applications and manage data.

Jordan Kemble with Tree technology LLC in Navajo County

I have been a part of the Arizona Community Tree Council since I was five years old. I have literally grown up in ACTC! My dad, Ron Kemble, brought me to work at a very young age and I have been helping him in his company for years. My dad instilled in me a strong commitment to the vision and mission of ACTC through our work. I am now the owner of Tree Technology, and we are one of the few residential arborists in Navajo County. We work with homeowners to advise and guide them on the proper care, maintenance and planting of their trees.

As a board member, I will work with the organization to provide guidance and education to homeowners on the proper care and planting of trees. I also believe that helping educate landscapers and tree workers who may not have the awareness / tree biology background about proper care and planting is also a critical function. I will help recruit other tree companies so that together we can advance the mission and vision.

Anne LeSenne with University of Arizona Cooperative Extension in Pinal County

I'm a Board Certified Master Arborist and a woman, so I'm sure there aren't many with those two credentials. I've done years of reports and plans to protect trees before and after construction, tree hazard surveys, tree surveys for construction, expert witness in legal cases, and personally have surveyed over 30,000 native oak trees. I've been a landscape designer and have both my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Horticulture. I'm the Horticulture Extension Agent for Pinal County and teach classes all over the county on how to care for trees, the importance of soil, how to properly irrigate, etc. I want to help more residents of Pinal county get ISA training and certification so that the trees in my county can thrive. Right now, they are being butchered and bulldozed. I'm committed to educating the public about the benefits of trees and how to take care of them better than we are.

I'd like to help ACTC get more women in Arboriculture careers. I'd like to get more trained arborists in Pinal county. I have experience teaching in the classroom as well as in the field. I'm skilled with the computer and teaching online as well as making presentations. I've also been a certified pesticide applicator and taught pesticide safety courses in Oregon. My surveys and tree reports were high quality, complete, and easy to understand. I'd like to teach others how to do that same quality of work.

Randall Port with Urban Forestry of Tucson in Pima County

I've been a tree worker since 2005. I went from ground help to climber initially then through the years I became the lead climber for the Tucson branch of a major landscape company. While at that company I retained a handful of industry related certifications including the Certified Arborist. The more I learned about trees and followed the science, the more my perspective on tree care changed. I became more of an advocate for proper treatment of trees and safe work practices.

When I left that company I became the Director of Trees for Tucson which is a long running urban forestry nonprofit.  I left TFT to pursue my dream of owning a tree service that is actually based on these responsible ideals as opposed to tree injury for profits. I consider myself an environmental and community advocate.

I have many years of actual "boots on the ground" experience. I understand the difficulties of trying to sustain a business while still serving the trees in an honorable way. I believe I offer unique solutions to the problems within that and a realistic view of our industry.

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