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OUR MISSION is TO Facilitate the Proper Planting and Care of Arizona Trees Through:

            •  Professional Training
            •  Public Education and Awareness
            •  Partnerships that Advance the Vision and Mission
            •  Advisory Support for the State Forester

Our programs bring together communities to encourage green spaces, urban forests and great neighborhoods with shade and other benefits.  We love Arizona and work together with volunteers, partners and businesses to make our communities greener and more enjoyable.


What today is the Arizona Community Tree Council, Inc. (ACTC) began as Arizona Releaf in November 1989. This was part of a national program established by the American Forestry Association - Global Releaf which advocated planting 100 million trees in the United States to offset carbon dioxide emissions and greenhouse warming. The goals of Arizona Releaf were to promote the benefits of planting trees appropriate to the rural and urban environmental settings and sustain maintenance of those tree species.

Partnering in this venture was Arizona Clean & Beautiful. Mike Hart, Arizona State Land Dept. coordinated the project until Bob Celaya, Arizona State Land Department took over the duties in January 1990. Extensive tree plantings were done throughout the State in partnership with Trees for Tucson, Forestry for Phoenix, county Global Releaf organizations, and Tucson Clean and Beautiful.

In January of 1991, a decision was made by the Arizona Global ReLeaf to develop an Urban Forestry Council to help coordinate all urban forestry programs in Arizona. This decision was prompted by the requirement under President Bush's program "American the Beautiful", that each State set up an urban forestry council to receive funding. Discussions began on January 24, 1991 to create the Council.

The concept for the Council was:

  1. To develop the most broad based coalition with equal representation from individuals, organizations, and institutions concerned with urban and community forestry.
    1. Membership
    2. Organizational structure
    3. Charter/constitution/bylaws
  2. To develop a consensus on urban forestry policy and develop a statewide plan.
  3. To encourage, organize, and coordinate all statewide urban forestry programs.
    1. Global Releaf
    2. American the Beautiful
    3. Tree City USA
    4. Arbor Day
  4. To facilitate information exchange in urban forestry.
  5. To provide focal point for political support for urban forestry programs.
  6. To develop criteria for and evaluation of recommendations for grants, cost share proposals, pilot and demonstration projects and other funding sources.

A vote was taken and a formal Council was approved. The name of the organization was "Arizona Forestry Council."

On March 26, 1996 the name of the Council was changed to the Arizona Community Tree Council, Inc. to better define the goals and mission of the Council.

For a more detailed history of the organization  GO HERE


Our mission is too BIG to do alone!  We partner with other great organizations to accomplish our mission.  These organizations include:

National tree organizations
State tree organizations
Education organizations
State agencies
Federal agencies

Together we are a powerful force for facilitating the planting and care of trees in Arizona.

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