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Chainsaw Safety Workshop Presented in Navajo (ACTC)

  • 11 Aug 2017
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Window Rock, Arizona
  • 50


Arizona Community Tree Council Presents

  Chainsaw Safety Class
Presented in Navajo

This is a Half-Day of Demonstrational Training.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Time:  9:00am - noon

East Side of Nakai Hall (link to map)

Window Rock, Arizona


Registration Deadline July 28, 2017


ISA CEUs Available

Attendees will need to provide their own hearing and eye protection for the demonstrations. 

Chainsaw Safety Training

In this demonstrational/educational training, we will cover basic chainsaw maintenance, and a hard focus on safety, PPE, and safe work practices for using a chainsaw. All information in this training will stay within the guidelines of Ansi Z133 - 2012 requirements.


Chainsaw Safety Maintenance GUTS

- Gear Side- All parts and safety features on the gear side of the chainsaw. Proper chain

tensioning, sprocket, bar inspection, oil pump, clutch cover, screw tensioning, etc.

- Under Side- All parts and safety features on the underside of the chainsaw.Tank flap, chain catcher, tank handle, nut tensioning, etc..

- Top Side- All parts and safety features on the top side of the chainsaw.

Spark plug, air filter, carburetor box, choke control, cylinder fins, chain break,

muffler, screw tensioning, etc

- Starter side- All parts and safety features on the starter side of the chainsaw.

Pull cord and handle, starter housing, screw tensioning, etc.

- Discuss Chain Sharpening tips

- Q&A of chainsaw maintenance

- Discuss chainsaw injuries & how they happen

Working with Chainsaw (Demonstrational)

- Proper PPE (personal protective equipment) when

operating a chainsaw

- Checking the chainsaw (safety features, bar, chain

sharpness and tensioning, lubricating, etc.)

- Proper approved Starting methods

- How to Safely deflood the chainsaw

- Reactive forces of the chainsaw

- 5 Part Plan to Tree Felling; target, hazards and

obstacles, calculating leans, method of cut, escape route.

- Limbing and Bucking (identify tension and compression

wood, ergonomic positioning, how to avoid kickback,

transporting a chainsaw, storage, and ripping vs bucking

- Fueling and Storage

Q&A Wrap up CEUs Handouts

Your ISA & PMD(formerly OPM) Certification Numbers are necessary for the CEU sign-in sheets.  To help us expedite your CEU submissions, please provide your certification numbers so we have on file. 

Go here to send us your certification numbers.

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